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Carpet in Lakeland, TN


At Tim Hogan’s Carpet & Floors, we give homeowners the tools to redefine their interiors with carpets in Lakeland, TN. Our flooring showroom features a wide selection of carpet and more. With our product variety, personalized approach to service, and installation services, attaining the ideal space is a simple and rewarding experience. Count on us to help you complete your remodeling project. 


We proudly serve both homeowners and business owners in the Memphis metropolitan area. Visit our Lakeland, TN, carpet showroom today to begin working with a sales associate and learn more about our comprehensive services, from custom in-home measurements to final installation. We look forward to meeting you!


textured brown carpets in a stylish living room with leather couch and pink accents


What Are The Types of Carpet?


Explore a diverse range of carpet options with selections from top manufacturers, boasting an array of colors, styles, and designs. Our commitment to affordability ensures that carpet prices remain reasonable, allowing you to make the most of your resources. Whether you're revamping a single room or renovating your entire property, we have you covered with a wide range of high-quality carpet types to meet all your flooring needs:


Frieze Carpet


Frieze carpet is exceptionally soft and comes crafted in a cut-pile construction. Frieze's durable curling fibers are known for their ability to camouflage dirt.


Loop & Loop Cut Carpet


Loop carpet is crafted with a surface of uncut loop fibers in both level-loop and multi-loop pile heights. These carpets offer a casual look that is great for hiding foot traffic. Alternatively, cut-loop carpet has been cut straight, offering a snag-free consistency that is popular for those with children or pets.


Patterned Carpet


Carpets containing patterns are created using methods similar to printing paper. These methods include flatbed screen printing, rotary screen printing, Stalwart printing, and modern computer-programmed jet printing. 


Saxony & Textured Saxony Carpet


Saxony carpets are cut-pile carpets that can add a touch of luxury to any room in your home. Saxony-type patterns resist wear, shading, and traffic marks in your home. Textured Saxony uses the same fiber types, though they’ve been twisted in different directions to offer a coarser appearance.


Berber Carpet


Berber carpet has a unique style and a cushiony feeling underfoot that can be found in various pile heights and is constructed as a level-loop or multi-loop carpet, depending on your preference. Berber's natural strength and soil-hiding capabilities make it a go-to floor for active areas in the home. The loop design of the carpet fibers not only looks attractive but also provides a soft cushion underfoot.


grey carpets in a modern living room with accent wall and bookcase


Benefits of Carpet for Your Home


Whether you want to upgrade your kids room with a cozy shag or bring durable comfort to your family room, carpet offers a myriad of benefits for our Lakeland customers. As flooring experts, we will help you define your remodeling goals and narrow your choices. We have extensive knowledge of residential and commercial carpet, including the different styles, brands, and even fibers available. We can also conduct an on-site consultation where our experts can assess your project space and help you pick carpet that goes well in your home or business.  Our showroom is proud to offer products from leading carpet brands such as Nourison, Kane, Shaw, Mohawk, Tigressa, Resista, and more. 


Discover all the benefits of choosing carpet for your home: 


Professional Carpet Installations with Lakeland Installers


Achieve enduring strength and aesthetic appeal for your carpet through a seamless installation process. Proper measurement, precise cuts, and expert placement are crucial for ensuring the longevity of your carpet. Entrust your investment to our skilled Lakeland installers who offer professional carpet installation services. With an experienced team capable of handling flooring remodel projects of any size and scope, we stand confidently behind our work, anticipating your satisfaction with the results. Our commitment is further solidified by industry-leading warranties, including our Adore Your Floor Guarantee. In the rare event of dissatisfaction within 30 days of installation, reach out to us, and we'll replace your carpets at no additional cost.

Contact us today to begin your home makeover! We serve customers in Lakeland, Memphis, Arlington, Bartlett, Cordova, Germantown, TN, and the surrounding communities.

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soft off white carpets in a monochrome grey bedroom
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